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Single Origin

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Single Origin

This means that every cacao bean in a bar of chocolate comes from the same region or even the same farm, which is called ‘Single Estate’.

Why Single Origin?

For Unique Flavours

Just like wine, cacao beans grown in one region or farm will have ‘terroir’ which means that they will develop flavours specific to the climate, farming and processing. By using single origin beans we ensure purity in flavor dedicated to a specific region.

Farmer Traceability

We can track every bar of chocolate you buy to a specific region or farm. This also means that our farmers get to taste and enjoy chocolate made entirely from beans they have grown. Through this process, we can work closely with farmers to develop specific flavours and to also reward farmers through cacao prices for their dedication to quality processing and the development of the best chocolate available in India.

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