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Our Artisan Store & Cafe

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We are so excited to announce that construction has started on our first store and cafe in Auroville. Mason & Co have partnered with one of the most talented bakers & chefs we have ever met, Daniel Trulson of Wild Yeast Bakery (check him out at Vimeo) who produces the best bread & pastries known to man! The cafe & store will simply be a space where we can share our love for artisan and quality food, a place where everything is about producing the highest quality food from natural ingredients.

Our mission is simple: to nourish our patrons in the same way we would our friends and family, with the most delicious and nutritious food available.

In working alongside Wild Yeast Bakery, we will be using this space as our playground to produce lots of exciting new products, chocolate flavours, truffles & bonbons and lots lots more.

So, keep watching over the coming months for more updates on our progress … we hope you are as excited as us!

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