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Nature’s Basket Tasting Events

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Chocolates were launched in 6 Nature’s Basket Stores (see Where to Buy) this month and the launch coincided with India’s first ever chocolate tasting and education sessions for over 250 customers. The sessions were held by Nitin Chordia, India’s premier accredited chocolate taster. What makes this event so special is that, for the very first time, artisan, organic & vegan chocolate is being supported by larger supermarket chains and they are also committing to educating customers and staff on the world of chocolate. The customers who attended the sessions learnt about the difference between artisan bean-to-bar chocolate and mass-market products and gained an appreciation for the unique and specialised process of making craft chocolate. The outcome was that Mason & Co Chocolates were a clear favourite of attendees and the most popular flavours were Coconut Milk, Espresso and Sea Salt.

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