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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters X Mason & Co

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Just like us, they work closely with their farmers to procure only the best coffee available. They work with single-estate coffee, which means it is coffee sourced from one individual farm or estate. The reasons for this would be very similar to the single-origin chocolate that we produce: to respect and develop the flavour of the coffee produced by the individual farmer.

This way they can explore the tastes from around the country and between different styles of coffee beans and different farming practices and ‘terroir’.

One of our Founders, Jane Mason always had a soft corner for the M.S. Estate Certified Organic from Karnataka, which is why both our coffee-infused bars – Cafe Noir and Espresso use this special, fruity coffee.

Cafe Noir is a pure coffee bar, made by grinding coffee beans with our in-house organic cacao butter and minimal organic sugar. We chose the MS Estate Organic Coffee for its fruity, balanced and mild profile.

Our 65% Espresso Dark Chocolate bar is the perfect balance of organic single estate coffee and our semi-sweet chocolate.  The coffee and cacao were chosen for their synergy, creating a harmony between the flavours with no overpowering elements.

As a chocolate company, this has been one of our most exciting collaborations even though it had very little to do with chocolate!

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