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A Few Thoughts on Sugar

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

What sugar do we use in our chocolate? 

There are millions of write-ups about sugar on the internet, and most of us know that white refined sugar is bad for us. We use unrefined sugar cane which is certified organic by Indian and US organic standards. Our organic sugar is made at farmer co-operatives where farmers from the project area process their sugar in the traditional Khandsari method. Fresh canes are crushed to extract the juice. This juice is decanted, filtered and concentrated in open pan vessels. The thick syrup is stirred continuously to promote natural crystallization. Once sufficient crystals have formed, it is filtered and quick washed to ensure molasses removal. This is dried in ovens and then in the open air. Dried crystals are sifted and packed. Baggasse, which is left after cane crushing, is used as the fuel for the drying oven and for juice concentration. Herbals/plant matters are used for flocculating the dirt and scum in the juice while cooking.

Why don’t we use coconut sugar?

While we love coconut sugar, the taste is very strong and it overpowers the taste of the cacao bean, which we want to develop with each bar. We may use coconut sugar for different products and for limited edition ranges, but for our regular range, we want you to experience the taste of the chocolate, and so try to find sugar that is unrefined and organic, with an overall neutral taste.

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