The Dark Collection – Pack of 6


6 of our finest flavours, for the indecisive chocolate lover.

This set of mini chocolate bars feature a range of flavours and percentages, we have something for everyone!

49% Crunchy Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate – The combination of organic peanut butter, dark chocolate, crunchy peanut and cacao nib pieces. A truly irresistible fusion.
65% Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate – This bar is a slightly sweeter version of our signature dark chocolate, a mild introduction into the world of dark chocolate.
70% Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – Sea salt combined with dark chocolate to create the ultimate salty-sweet indulgence for the chocolate connoisseur.
70% Black Sesame & Raisin Dark Chocolate – Sweet raisins & nutty black sesame fused with smooth dark chocolate to create a fruit & nut bar with a gourmet touch.
75% Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate – We have taken our signature dark chocolate and paired it with bitter zesty orange. A traditional match made in heaven.
85% Intense Dark Chocolate – An intense bar of chocolate with high cacao content, sweetened with minimal sugar. For the extreme lovers of dark chocolate.

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Due to the temperature sensitive nature of chocolate, we can only ship to areas with a 24 hour delivery time from our location. If you live in a location where we cannot deliver to you within 24 hours, you will not be able to order chocolate from our site however you can still order our non-meltable products such as nibs, powder & drinking chocolate and tea.

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Weight 245 g