Dessert Dry Shampoo
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Made with Mason & Co non-alkalised organic cacao powder. Let’s face it. As much as we’d like to lather-rinse-repeat every time our hairs gets grimy, we don’t always have the time. Which is why, this no-shampoo, shampoo is a lifesaver! All-natural and aerosol-free, it’s the perfect way to remove oil and dirt from greasy hair.

Directions: Sprinkle onto oily hair with a powder brush or dab in with dry fingers, focussing on the roots. Dust in and comb through. Voila! You’re all set.

Ingredients: Mason & Co organic non-alkalised cacao powder and cornstarch.

Shelf Life: Use within 12 months of manufacturing. Store in a cool, dry place.

Vegan & Dairy Free


Due to COVID-19 we are unable to ship small quantities of chocolate at this time. Due to the material required to pack chocolate, we require a 15 bar minimum to order. If you would like to order, please write to [email protected].

We are able to ship non-meltable products like our cacao powder, cacao nibs, drinking chocolate and co-branded peanut butter. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your support in this difficult time.


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Weight 45 g