Chocolate Earl Grey Tea
Tea Trunk x Mason & Co


Made with smoky black tea, Mason & Co. organic Cacao Herbal Tea shells and natural bergamot flavor blended by our friends at Tea Trunk.

Bergamot belongs to the citrus family and is a natural relaxant and relieves stress. Along with organic cacao shells, it is packed with antioxidants which reduces inflammation and boosts immunity. A guilt-free way to enjoy your chocolate!

Even though this is a black tea we recommend you brew it without milk.

Vegan, Soy & Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to ship chocolate at this time. We are able to ship non-meltable products like our cacao powder, cacao nibs, drinking chocolate and co-branded peanut butter. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your support in this difficult time.


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Weight 100 g