Ampthil Downs Experience Pack 75% Dark Chocolate
Subko x Mason & Co


Single Origin Cacao. Single Origin Coffee. 3 Bars. Many Interpretations.

Introducing Nanobatch Chocolate by Mason & Co x Subko. We have utilised a Single Origin 75% Cacao from Idduki, Kerala as a control element. We then incorporated three unique microlot coffees, each processed uniquely and roasted a different way- all from the Ampthill Downs region of Tamil Nadu (Palani Hills) – in order to see if the tasting notes we found in the coffee cup could translate uniquely into three different chocolate bars. Here’s the result.

On offer are Lot#53, Lot #81C, and Lot#27C, bars sold as a set of three.

To learn more about our partnership at Subko and previous limited edition chocolate Click here

Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free.


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Weight 105 g

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