70% Sourdough & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar


Presenting our latest Limited Edition inspired by our cafe, bakery & chocolate shop Bread & Chocolate in Auroville.

BNC co-founder & head baker Daniel Mark Trulson‘s signature sourdough bread crumbs mixed with everybody’s favourite 70% Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. The crunchy bread crumbs add a flakey texture and a subtle sour finish, the Sea Salt carries the sweetness of our 70% Dark Chocolate. This bar is our homage to BNC, a true union of bread & chocolate, we cant wait for you to try it!

We are only creating a limited quantity of these bars, you can order them below or purchase at the following retailers:

Jaipur: Café Quaint
Delhi: I Say Organic, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
Kolkatta: Living Free
Mumbai: The Pantry, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
Goa: Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters (available next week!)
Bangalore: Go Native, Third Wave Coffee Roasters
Hyderabad: Roastery Coffee House
Pondicherry/Auroville: Bread & Chocolate

Organic, vegan, dairy free & soy free. Contains gluten.


Due to COVID-19 we are unable to ship small quantities of chocolate at this time. Due to the material required to pack chocolate, we require a 15 bar minimum to order. If you would like to order, please write to [email protected].

We are able to ship non-meltable products like our cacao powder, cacao nibs, drinking chocolate and co-branded peanut butter. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your support in this difficult time.



Due to the temperature sensitive nature of chocolate, we can only ship to areas with a 24 hour delivery time from our location. If you live in a location where we cannot deliver to you within 24 hours, you will not be able to order chocolate from our site however you can still order our non-meltable products such as nibs, powder & drinking chocolate and tea.

Additional information
Weight 60 g