Bean To Bar

At Mason & Co we make all of our chocolate from the bean to the bar in our factory in Auroville.We are proud to say we execute every step in this unique process and believe it leads to better chocolate in terms of quality, flavour and purity.

Farmer Direct

We work closely with organic cacao farmers in South India to source, harvest and process some of the best quality beans this country has to offer.”Cacao beans in India have traditionally been sold to mass market chocolate companies.


Wherever possible we use all local and organic produce as we believe it is better for our health, the flavour of food and the environment.The cacao beans used in our regular bars are Organic Certified in India, USA & EU..

Single Origin

Single Origin: This means that every cacao bean in a bar of chocolate comes from the same region or even the same farm, which is called‘Single Estate’ Why Single Origin?


An artisan can be defined as a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand, At Mason & Co much of the chocolate making processes like the sorting, winnowing, tempering and packaging are non-mechanised and done by hand.


Mason & Co was started by a husband and wife team who love the art and science of making and eating chocolate.Jane has trained as a Chocolate Maker and a Raw Food Chef and is generally obsessed with everything natural, healthy and yummy.

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