December 23rd is Farmers Day in India – a day to highlight the essential role farmers play in our country’s economic development. Farmers are an indispensable resource in our country and at Mason & Co. This Kisan Diwas, we celebrate our cacao farmers & all their efforts. They are the reason our chocolate tastes so good!

Growing cacao is a laborious task. It takes 4 – 5 years for a cacao tree to bear fruit and, due to a lack of institutional support and training, cacao farmers rely on their peers to understand how to grow, harvest & process their beans.

Pictured here is Mr Papachan, with his sickle that he uses to cut down cacao pods.

At Mason & Co we work closely with our farmers, consulting on harvest and fermentation practices to improve how cacao is grown, processed and fermented in our country. All our beans come from organic certified multi-crop farms. Multi-cropping is a less impactful way of farming; it minimises erosion and increases water percolation.

Pictured here is freshly-cut cacao pod.

All our farm partners are organic certified; their cacao is grown free of chemical pesticide and fertilisers and we take great pride in being able to support them. 😄🌾

We work with both organic & in-organic farmers to help bring up the standard of cacao processing in India. If you are a farmer or a person connected to growing cacao (in India or elsewhere) and would like to get in touch, please do write to [email protected], we would love to hear from you!