A group of 25 students from a prominent baking school in India recently joined us for a day to explore the exciting world of cacao! We believe that the chocolate you eat tells a story tracing back to the farm where the cacao is sourced, which is why the students were guided through the nature of cacao farming and how this can influence the flavour and quality of each chocolate and how artisan chocolate making differs from mass-market produced chocolate. Besides exploring the artisan chocolate making process, we also looked at different techniques used around the world and by different makers.

The part that the students enjoyed the most was the chocolate tasting. Just like wine tasting, there is a method and foundation of understanding needed to truly appreciate chocolate. We like to call it the symphony of chocolate, one where every piece of chocolate will play a different tune telling the story of where it has came from and how it was made. We explored chocolate made by us from beans which we sourced from all over the world and chocolate made by some of our favourite artisan chocolate makers. The highlight was most certainly tasting almost 20 different kinds of chocolate with unique varieties, textures, flavour notes and much much more.

Sharing our love and appreciation for all types of chocolate is one of the best parts of our job!

If you have a group and are interested in learning about chocolate, please email us at [email protected]