This hot chocolate is basically comfort in a cup! It also features a more traditional recipe for hot chocolate. Hot chocolate dates all the way back to 500 BC, where the Mayans would create a version with cacao, water, cornmeal and chilli peppers. What you’ll need is a bar of chocolate, we choose our Chilli and Cinnamon bar, and milk of your choice. Coconut milk is always our first choice because of the creamy texture that it imparts.

Step 1: Choose your favourite Chocolate. Chilli & Cinnamon is my pick for the day!

Step 2: Heat up one cup of milk. I like coconut milk for the extra creaminess!

Step 3: Using a blender, blend in half a bar of chocolate to the warm milk (the blender gives it a nice froth on top)

Step 4: Drink & Enjoy