This very special bar is made with cacao beans grown on a small farm in Karnataka that practices biodynamic farming techniques. Biodynamic farming has a lot in common with organic farming in that is excludes the use of chemicals, however biodynamic farming is commonly referred to as a ‘spiritual science’, treating soil, crops and livestock as a single element and not exclusive practices. The farm is run by Hare Krishnas, with prayers taking place in the temple featured on the farm. There adds a beautiful spiritual and mystical element to the farming practices and the general environment at this farm.
These beans have a much higher fat content (the good type of fat and when we talk about cacao beans, a high fat content is a really good thing as it contributes to a better taste) than other beans we have found in India. They tare very unique in their taste. These beans have a very balanced flavour profile with low acidity and rich chocolate taste with earthy notes and hints of dried fruits.
We paired these beautiful beans with locally grown ginger that we have dried and stone ground into the chocolate. Most of us know how good ginger is for us, dealing with complaints ranging from digestive relief, inflammation, loss of appetite and nausea but really we just love it for the taste. Chocolate and ginger are a match made in heaven and we find the bar has an energising taste.
We always love to hear your feedback, so if you buy one of these bars and you want to tell us what you think OR if you want us to include this as part of our regular range of bars, then send us an email to [email protected]