The Process

Bean-to-Bar: The Process

The majority of chocolate makers buy blocks of pre-made chocolate from bulk suppliers and just re-melt this chocolate to produce their own signature brand.

At Mason & Co, we make all of our chocolate from the bean to the bar in our factory in Auroville.

We are proud of this as we believe it leads to better chocolate in terms of flavour and purity. This process is also very unique… in fact we are India’s first bean-to-bar chocolate maker.



We have adopted a small batch process to help to preserve the tradition of the process and the purity and quality of the beans.



We hand sort the beans to make sure only the best beans make it into the chocolate and we sort them by size to ensure an even roast.

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Next we roast the beans, which is as much an art as it is science. This helps to develop the flavour and gives personality to different beans.


Next we crack the beans and we winnow or separate the shells from the cracked beans, which are called ‘nibs’.



Next we stone grinde the nibs, adding the organic cane sugar. This process cracks the cells of the beans and releases the cacao butter from the beans, turning it into a paste. The chocolate is then moved through and polished by the granite stones which allows the chocolate to aerate and removes any unwanted flavours.



We then allow the chocolate to age to further develop the flavour before tempering the chocolate. This process gives it the glossy shine and the good snap when you bite into it. We then pour the chocolate into moulds for setting.


Finally we carefully hand wrap each bar and package them ready for you to enjoy.