Healthy Chocolate

Cacao is a superfood, which basically means that it is good for us and is higher in health promoting agents than most other foods. Cacao has been shown to benefit cardiovascular health, weight management, cholesterol and to be filled with antioxidants, magnesium and other vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Unfortunately the majority of chocolate sold in India today contains very little cacao, lots of milk and sugar and is full of chemicals and preservatives. Also, it almost always contains a product called Compound. Compound is essentially a vegetable fat that is used to replace the cacao butter in chocolate. Compound is cheaper than cacao butter, tastes terrible, and is of inferior quality and quite frankly it is not chocolate!

We believe in keeping cacao as close to the natural form as possible so we can pass on these health benefits. We add minimal ingredients and our chocolate is dark which means no milk and less sugar. We have an organic and natural philosophy using organic beans, organic sugar and we add no chemicals, preservatives or emulsifiers. This way we preserve the wonderful flavour of the beans and also the health promoting agents found in cacao.