Grower Direct

Where possible we buy direct from the farmer and also try to visit or spend time working on the farms. We view our suppliers as partners in the process and by working directly with them we aim to develop long term sustainable relationships.

To date we have not insisted on fair trade or other such third party certifications as we are sourcing beans direct from small family run farms and from areas that do not have the trade concerns of other cacao supply countries such as Africa. Insisting on such certifications is often incongruous with the aim of such initiatives as the cost of accreditation and auditing requirements are out of reach for the small farm and can in fact threaten their livelihoods. We do however make an effort to know and understand the practices of the farmers and ensure a sustainable farming model and working relationship.

When we buy direct we make sure that the money is going directly into the pocket of the farmer and not to third party brokers, agents and administrate bodies and inevitably we pay higher than market price.