Cacao Farming In India

Cacao beans in India are traditionally grown for the mass market. This means that large companies such as Cadbury, Campco or Morde buy the majority of the beans from the farmer. Because the chocolate made by these companies has very little cacao (it can be as low as 10%) and is filled with vegetable fats, sugar, milk and other preservatives there is little focus on the quality and taste of the cacao bean. The main focus for these companies is the yield or productivity of the trees.

Many farmers are not involved in any post harvest procedures such as fermentation and drying and these procedures are directly related to the flavour development of the cacao bean. Farmers often sell the wet beans directly to these large companies for very low prices. These larger companies buy all the beans (good and bad) because quality is not important for the product they produce. This means there is little incentive for the farmer to improve the farming techniques or the flavour of bean.

We want to change this. We are working directly with farmers who are interested in improving their cacao crop and producing superior quality beans that they can sell for a higher price. To date we produce chocolate with the beans from two farms in India and we work directly with these farmers on improving the flavour profile and quality of the cacao.